[Solved] Beyond annoying: All dependencies automatically rebuild

despite automatic rebuild off in config...

major impact on package development / debug cycle...

how can I debug / stop this? When I build a package, build it only.


Do the components actually rebuild, or are they just checked to see if they are up to date?

make V=s and/or enabling build logs under Developer Options can help you diagnose what is happening.

As a work-around and general benefit, I use ccache which makes

make -j12 clean download world

run "fast enough" for my purposes.

Using V=s already. They actually rebuild, just the dependencies. Now; if serious dependencies, like xorg or lang: takes serious time ($$). If all up to date, nothing rebuilt; just checked.

Not sure how clean can help...

When a package is built, all its dependencies are checked first, and built if missing.

But there is no need to clean them before you rebuild a package next time.


  • first build them once
  • before next build clean just the main development package: make package/xxxx/clean
  • then build just that package: make package/xxxx/compile . The underlying dependencies should still be intact and thus there would be no need to rebuild them. (But they are still checked during the build...)

xorg? To my knowledge there is no "xorg" feed or package in the current OpenWrt. Maybe you should explain more closely what you are actually trying to do.

Well; I do have xorg; part of www.rossco.org product

The methodology you suggest is what I am doing. I have added a crapload of python and perl modules which triggered the behavior. May have to wait til next dirclean to see if it sorts out...

Oh, so that is your own self-created private dependency definition hell.
You simply need to fix your dependency definitions...

Or delete the package data cache from tmp (like tmp/.packagedeps etc.) and see if that helps.

perus@ub1904:/Openwrt/r7800$ ls -la tmp/.pa*
-rw-r--r-- 1 perus perus  998449 syys   17 20:01 tmp/.packageauxvars
-rw-r--r-- 1 perus perus 1173833 syys   17 20:01 tmp/.packagedeps
-rw-r--r-- 1 perus perus 5194106 syys   17 19:20 tmp/.packageinfo

Full "make clean" would clear those, but as you are not doing that, you might flush the cache manually.

I never had a doubt, that I created my own problems:) Will try clearing cache as suggested, if NFG, see what dirclean does...


dirclean only additionally clears the compiled toolchain and tools, but it should make no impact on package compilation. So I do not expect that to help you

rm -f tmp/.package*; make menuconfig seems to have fixed issue


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