[SOLVED] Belkin RT3200/ Linksys E8450 update from snapshot error

I've been running openWRT (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r18034-f2f42a54e8 / LuCI Master git-21.301.66258-0740023) on this router for a while now and noticed that there's now an official version to update to.

When I tried to update using openwrt-22.03.0-mediatek-mt7622-linksys_e8450-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin though LuCI, I see the following error, even though I set this device up using UBI. The model line on the system status page even suggests as much Linksys E8450 (UBI)

Wed Oct 5 09:18:20 BST 2022 upgrade: Device linksys,e8450-ubi not supported by this image 
Wed Oct 5 09:18:20 BST 2022 upgrade: Supported devices: linksys,e8450 Image check failed.

Any help and guidance would be gratefully appreciated!

Which image did you use to install? As the error message points out, your image is a UBI one and the image you're trying to flash definitely not.

I do spy a linksys_e8450-ubi-squashfs-sysupgrade.itb image though among the downloads. But I have no experience with the RT3200 myself.

Thanks for the response, as I understand things the .itb files are for the initial install when converting from a stock image and that to upgrade I should just use a .bin file, which does not mention UBI in it.

Maybe my understanding is wrong, I just uploaded the .itb file through LuCI and it seems to have accepted the upload :slight_smile:

Okay, does it? I've looked a bit further and it seems indeed the regular sysupgrade should work, like you said.

You rebooted and your kernel and OpenWrt release number etc. match the new image?

The fact the ITB file has 'sysupgrade' in it does suggest it's suitable for sysupgrading, the fact you get a mismatch between the linksys,e8450 / linksys,e8450-ubi during your upgrade attempt seems to corroborate that - unless at some point the device naming changed (which should be in the git log somewhere then).

Yes this indeed was the correct file to update the system, I'm now going through reinstalling the missing software!

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