[Solved] Basic question on install feeds


I'm new to openwrt development.

Just a simple question on the quick start guide, what's the purpose of update and install feeds?

What will be the result if I don't install the feeds before compiling?

Your available package selection will be only 1/5 of the total. You would only have the small amount of core packages that are directly in the main OpenWrt source repo.

Most add-on packages are in the feeds. Separate source repos.

E.g. LuCI GUI is one feed by itself. Without feeds, no GUI available...

The "packages" feed is the largest and contains most of the add-on packages.


Will I have SSH access and opkg support if I don't install feeds?

My idea is to build a minimal firmware then install packages later using opkg, even LuCI, I prefer to install later.

This is an approach to small ROM router


Including packages in the compiled image in compressed format would actually help you with small flash... If you install them later via opkg, they will take more flash space.


Note that "installing feeds" does not yet take anything into the compiled image. That step is purely about populating the database of available packages for your selection. So, installing feeds does not hurt you even if you want to compile a minimal image.


Thank you very much for your reply. :slight_smile:

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