[SOLVED] Basic Initial Networking Doubts

Hello :]

This is the setup:

My ISP has a router/telephone combo router, Calix Gigasystem which is connected to an ONT. It is remotely activated and configured, therefore, the settings that are accessible to me are minimal. I cannot find a setting for bridge. I do find DMZ.

I wanted to convert an old tplink wdr4300 to openwrt so I can use DNS over TLS since I wanted privacy. Also want to disable the WiFi in the ISP router and use this Openwrt router for everything.

The default ISP router is at / subnet mask

What I did was create static ip for wan in the Openwrt router to / subnet mask and on the lan I changed it to

First question : Is this configuration correct?

I notice that under Interface, the wan is shown at Eth0.2.

Second question: When I set up SQM, should I select Eth0 or Eth0.2?

I notice that after I install snapshot, the router doesn't access the internet, can you tell me the commands to manually change the wan to via Putty.

Thank you very much. Your help is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

This is precisely what needs to be done, as the LAN cannot be the same subnet as the WAN. Excellent!

eth0.2 is the physical WAN interface; but the alias "WAN" might be used in the configs.

Did you add the gateway as well?

I prefer the file method to edit the UCI, so you would:

vi /etc/config/network

You would edit the WAN section:

See: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/base-system/basic-networking

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ONT sounds a bit like fibre, which would imply relatively fast WAN throughputs - the tl-wdr4300, like all ar71xx devices, is a bit limited in that regard (even more so with SQM); I wouldn't expect it to cope with throughputs significantly above 100 MBit/s.

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Unfortunately here 100$/month gets 20Mbps -- All that fiber infrastructure for nothing, the entire country is only fiber now.

I agree with you though. Thank you.

Yes, I connected the ethernet cable from lan of ISP router to the wan of Openwrt router. Or is it supposed to be lan to lan?

Thank you for answering my questions.

LAN to WAN is correct. I'm referring to adding:

option gateway ''

If you changed WAN to static.

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What do you mean? Add to where exactly?

Thank you

You stated:

If you changed the WAN from DHCP to static you must also include:

  • the default Gateway; and
  • WAN DNS server IPs

As I noted:

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Oh I see. Yes.

I will edit /etc/config/network.

Thank you so much for taking time to help. Appreciate it.

I will try it out and see.

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