[Solved] Back to factory firmware WRT1900ACv2

Good evening everyone! First of all I wanted to apologize, if I happen to be breaking any forum rules. I do not have much experience with different firmware, and I installed recently lede, and now I would like to go back to factory firmware, but lede does not accept to install other firmware for its interface, already tried to change partition with putty, but read this inatalado on both partitions. To know if there is any possibility of installing the fiemware linksys without serial cable, or do some command for it to accept different firmware?
Thank you.

You can run sysupgrade in terminal with the force flag -F, so copy your linksys firmware to the /tmp directory of our 1900, then ssh in, cd to /tmp and run -

sysupgrade -n -F linksysfirmware.whatever

If you're on Windows you'll need WinScp to copy your linksys firmware to the /tmp directory of your 1900, i think you can also use it to ssh, if not you can use Putty to ssh, but it's been so long since i've run Windows i can't rememeber how to use them unfortunately, there should be instructions online.

If you're on Mac or Linux, open a terminal and copy your linksys firmware with this command -

scp yourlinksysfirmware.whatever root@

Then ssh into your 1900 with this command -

ssh root@

Then navigate to the /tmp directory with this command -

cd /tmp

Then this command for the upgrade -

sysupgrade -n -F your linksysfirmware.whatever

Make sure to do all of this with your router connected directly to your computer.