[SOLVED] AX3600 bricked after upgraded to the latest version of 23.05

After a regular upgrade, my AX3600 bricked.
The version where the router bricked OpwnWrt 23.05 r23331-ad2fa6bc9c
I just used the backup/flash firmware in LuCI and flashed the 23.05 r23331-ad2fa6bc9c I built. Then the router should reboot but it does nothing except a blue system LED. (The normal action is yellow system LED blink then turns to solid blue.) I have dealt with this problem with flash a new mtd1(mibib), but this time I have no mtd1 to flash, and the system stops me to flash with Could not open mtd device: /dev/mtd1
Additionally, the AX3600 can boot and work properly with initramfs factory image, so I guess there is nothing wrong with the firmware itself.

SOLVED by simply removing nss-firmware
DO NOT USE THIS S*** (It's not included in official build)

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