[Solved] Automatic response to request for additional information (debug)

sorry (maybe it's just a stupid request), but i don't think so

since (roughly), 80% of posts start in a generic way and then the post author is asked to show his current configuration

it would be possible to help more experienced users, it would be possible to preset an automatic response which refers to a script that the author of the post executes to provide all the details of the case (and which automatically hides mac addresses, passwords, certificates).

something like this (but automated when opening a new post):

It is not automatic, but there is a list of "canned replies" like that one, that we use for similar requests.


I think it would be a good thing if the author of the post, is immediately instructed on entering his configuration (something that is however distributed on the Openwrt documentation but not present in only one place).

examples found randomly on the documentation:

so that expert users (which I am not), are facilitated

but this is just my thought

It is a per case requirement, not universal. And the list of commands to show differs from version to version, as well as on the nature of the problem.


That said, providing 'all' info does not hurt for all cases. It can be redacted or removed later.

perhaps an ipkg/opkg installable app which basically does e.g.

do for x in ls /etc/config cat x done

and the user or script redacts keys or password fields (that's a job in itself, to maintain a list of fields to redact. Or... are sensitive fields marked as such now?).

That or the 'backup' page on luci provides a 'support dump' tar.gz which redacts fields itself.

Merging all text from a unit config, crammed into a short window like this is awkward to review

# /etc/config/123
# /etc/config/456

Although it seems more convenient than downloading a tar.gz and poking around (extra steps).

Thanks for moving the post to a more appropriate section.

since you don't think an automatic response requesting a configuration file is useful.

however, you could create a page on the Openwrt documentation where you can copy a script that could obfuscate mac addresses, passwords, certificates, etc. so that the user can share his configuration independently.

No worries.

I think someone already noted:



sorry but i never noticed it

I'm pretty sure the canned replies option is only available to users at trust level 3. Which is only a relatively small number of users on the forum.

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This is correct.

However, others are certainly welcome to copy paste these replies from other posts.

On other forums where the software (or administrators) don’t provide canned responses, active users tend to keep a document off to the side with their own canned responses. This would be my recommendation for TL2 and below (yeah, I know that isn’t as convenient, but it is an option)

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