SOLVED: Asus RT-AX1800U supported?


There is a retail version of Asus RT-AX53U named as Asus RT-AX1800U.

However neither this cheaper retail version is listed at OpenWrt supported devices database nor I could find any information about it's hardware details at techinfodepot.

Thank you for your comments in advance. Regards.

It's supported as RT-AX53U:

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people will need to be really careful when buying these, if they only go by model name only, the non-U version of the AX1800 is Broadcom.

Thank you very much for your replies.

In fact, I found a bit of more information about it's cpu at guru3d saying:

The RT-AX1800U router uses MediaTek MTK7621A (dual core / 880 MHz) CPU, with 256 MB RAM and 128 MB flash memory.

So, the only difference, what I understand, Asus RT-AX53U uses MediaTek MTK7621AT and RT-AX1800U MediaTek MTK7621A cpu. And musashino's reference declares that he ate the pouding and that extra T ingredient at cpu name's end doesn't change the taste at all.

I will wait some more to be absolutely sure if this retail version is OpenWrt-able then reconsider the purchase. Thank you in advance for your further comments.

PS: Although seems solved, I wonder why Asus RT-AX1800U is not listed at supported devices database.

it is now ..
the supported DB/ToH isn't automagically updated, it's manual labour.

Thank you to both. Good news. Regards.

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