[Solved] Archer C59 v1 unable to flash

The thanks has to go to @Heinz as I've only built his work. I thanks him for pulling me from the wrong path of headers modifications :wink:

It's normal that you don't have Luci because I've built with default options. So:

opkg update
opkg install luci-ssl

Also, if it was me I would sysupgrade the official snapshot version from LEDE, now that you've bypassed the lock. As the snapshots are updated daily, you will slowly drift from being current and some packages might not install after a few days.

A few pointers, since I saw that this is your first LEDE firmware:

  • Keep track of your installed packages as they are not preserved between sysupgrades (only config is saved)
  • If you want to go back to stock, you might have to strip the original firmware before flashing it
  • If you encounter a packages that doesn't want to install after a few days and since you'll be using snapshot versions, sysupgrade to the latest snapshot, restore packages and configs and try again
  • Be sure to read other threads on C59 (e.g. about 5GHz availability)

@fedor70 I've built another version with luci included now.

Glad to be of any help.