[SOLVED] Anyone having issues with QoS App?

Running OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r7013-f18f08d.

After installing QoS, I noticed that some entries do not populate my fw3.

I've noticed some patterns:

  • if the SRC or DST host is a CIDR range, it does not appear
  • if ALL is specified without ports, it does not appear
  • SRC and DST IPs are sometimes "truncated"

For the "truncating" example, this rule:

config classify                      
        option target 'Bulk'          
        option proto 'tcp'           
        option ports '10000'           
        option comment 'Webmin'                   
        option srchost '192.168.x.5'             
        option dsthost '192.168.y.5'


0 	0.00 B 	MARK 	tcp 	* 	* 	192.168.y.5 	mark match 0x0/0xf /* Webmin */ MARK xset 0x44/0xff

(Notice the source address is missing.)

Example 2
The following 2 configs now result in no rules being created:

config classify                                   
        option proto 'udp'                           
        option comment 'Multicast'                   
        option dsthost ''             
        option target 'Bulk'
config classify                        
        option target 'Bulk'            
        option proto 'tcp'             
        option ports '10000'                      
        option comment 'Webmin'

Any ideas?

Could you try PR#1044 and report your findings here/there? It might be related to your issue.

EDIT: Updated the PR, so please reconfirm if this fixes the problem.

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My issue is not fixed. In fact, I now have 0 QoS rules. I don't see a QoS firewall chain, either.

  • LuCI Master (git-18.176.34901-0d9a64b) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7333-1b46bce
  • luci-app-qos git-18.176.34901-0d9a64b-1

The fix is in PR#1044 as noted before, which has been tested by a few users but is not merged yet. Are you using the version from the PR, or just a more recent master snapshot? Doing the latter won't change anything unfortunately.

If you are testing the PR and found a problem, you can help by posting your findings and your UCI config file in either PR#1044 or the recent bug at FS#1602.

But from your description it's not clear to me that you're testing the fix.

Fixed in LuCI Master (git-18.179.27825-485e5c9) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7357-4456dd4

Commit b701d78105a3f233f993dddde12d16973ba88972 fixed the issue and was added to master.