[SOLVED] Allow Samba acces to different subnet

First, forgive me for being a n00b.

I live in a shared home, and get my internet connection from our ISP router on subnet, and behind that in a DMZ I have my own router with LEDE 17.04 with various services behind it on the subnet.

I like to keep my own network private, but I would also like to make certain services like Samba shares available to the other residents on the subnet.

I guess it is a firewall configuration, but I am unsure if I should use "Rule" or "Redirect" or something other.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

If the share is on the OpneWrt router, it would be a rule. If the server is on your subnet, you would make a redirect.

You would make these for the correct Samba ports, from in WAN to the server IP in your OpenWrt LAN.

Thank you @lleachii it worked like a charm.

To anyone with similar problems, I forwarded the Samba ports (137-138/UDP and 139,445/TCP) in the Luci firewall settings, and then used the "Edit" function to only allow access from src_ip


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