[SOLVED] After update to 19.07.7 no wifi IP?

I upgraded from .4 to .7 yesterday. The wired Ethernet connections are working, but the wifi is not. I have a tablet and a Windows 10 laptop and neither can get on the Internet. The tablet forever "Obtaining IP address" and Win10 says "secure, connected, no internet". I've done nothing more than Add a radio (2.4gig) and set it to wpa2-psk. I use a correct length password. Entering the pw in Win10, causes it to say "secure no connected." What should I do?

What device?

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A Spectrum modem into a TP-Link Archer C7 (v2) AC1750 wifi router.

Is the Archer used as a router, or an AP?

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It is preset, or the default as: Access Point. There is no selections as "router". TYMode Options

Make sure the AP's network is lan.

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Is the Archer connected to the cable modem using the WAN port?

My desktop connects via Ethernet cable directly to the wifi-router. But STOP PRESSES! Setting to LAN resolved this problem.

Thank you, @frolic

I'm closing this now.

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