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Thanks to all at LEDE-LuCI. I have (after many months) been able to get my TP-Link Archer C7 v2. running and even finally obtained working VPN.

But I can no longer access the ISP's modem. There is now but one ethernet cable from the modem's port to my C7 router. Other then unplugging the cables to make a direct wired connection is there a way to obtain the modem's admin webpage? Obvs not via wifi.

Useless Junk Details: AT&T Arris 599 modem-router-wifi.

You will need to add a static route for the IP of the router, to use WAN instead of the VPN interface.

From: Network/Static Routes/Add in Static Routes IP4v under interface, I used land and target IP of the modem ( I left Netmask, Gateway, and Metric as is. Netmask is and was filled in by default. On Save & Apply, I cannot access the modem's admin page at Then I thought, re-reading ileachii's reply that I need to add an WAN instead of a LAN. That failed to connect to the modem, too.

Is there a way to remove or delete these added routes? (I hate computer clutter.)

Should I delete that and use IPv6 instead?

Add an IP address in the modem's subnet to the Ethernet port underlying your pppoe connection.

From the CLI it would be ip addr add dev eth0.2
This also adds a route to 192.168.1.x (in particular 254) will go to the modem. So your LAN address range needs to be something else.

If you manually add, it will go away on the next reboot.

The Archer C7 IP is currently for the LEDE router. On reboot, the WAN added IP of is still there and I cannot see a way to remove it via the LuCI. If I understand you I need to make it something like 192.168.X.x? is that right?

Is there a way to delete a unused or unneeded additional route?

Your LAN and WAN cannot be the same subnet, you will have to change one. I suggest simply making the OpenWRT network something like

I'm now super-confused. Pardon. I've spent literal months getting my VPN to work with LEDE-fs. It was my only purpose it using an open-source solution. IF I change to .22 as suggested, what is going to happen to this router's stuff currently at I'm asking, am I have to reconfig the VPN again? (many thnx).

I'm not the person that has a device on WAN in the same subnet as the LAN. If this confuses you, it might be why you're having an issue accessing the modem on WAN.

I'm not sure what this means in regards to your issue.

I wouldn't know, you haven't provided any paramaters. Your issue was accessing a modem on WAN at, and this IP is in the same subnet as the LAN. I hope you haven't addressed your tunnel as as well.

It should become, if you numbered the router 22.5. You should then be able to reach (including on WAN if you make a static route pointing towards WAN.

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To avoid changing a bunch of stuff on your router, change the modem instead. Temporarily connect the modem direct to a PC with a static IP. Log in to the modem and change its IP. is common for cable modems, it should work with this DSL one as well.

Note that since your PC is unlikely to speak pppoe, you will not be able to reach the Internet with this direct connection. But that doesn' t matter since you're only doing it temporarily to reconfigure the modem.

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