[Solved] Accessing a local 192.168.x.y address behind WAN with public address

Dear all,

My OpenWRT address is connected with WAN to a fiber ONT and receiving a public IPv4 address with DHCP. It appears that my ONT web status page is accessible on on port 80 (I can ping this address).

Is there a way to assign an additionnal 192.168.4.x address to my WAN for access to my ONT web status page without loosing my public IP address? Some kind of Alias. I don't see how to do it in LuCi, maybe it is easier with command lines.

This would allow me to check ONT status remotely.


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You can exclude this address from the BCP38 blocklist:

uci add_list bcp38.@bcp38[0].nomatch=""
uci commit bcp38
/etc/init.d/bcp38 restart
/etc/init.d/firewall restart
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Yes, this is the simpliest approach. Thanks.

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Is bcp38 a default package these days? I don't have it in 19.07?

If not, wouldn't the following solve the problem without need for another package:

I have that post bookmarked and refer to it often.

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