[Solved] Access Luci via hostname/domain name instead of IP

I would like to access the Luci login page via a domain name instead of typing in I see that the router already has a hostname set to OpenWrt.lan but if I try typing it in or http://openwrt.lan it is unable to find the page. How can I achieve this using the hostname?

I'm sure there're many ways to skin the cat, here's how I do it with the custom domain name:

config dnsmasq
        list address '/router.domain.com/'

Also, if your local clients cannot access OpenWrt.lan, are you sure they're using your router for DNS resolution and not some other DNS server either hardcoded on the client or given thru DHCP options by router?


Thanks for the reply! Turns out that was my problem. I had set my laptop to use another DNS server instead of setting it to automatic. Thanks for the help

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I'm still only at Trust Level 1 and don't think I can edit my posts yet to do that

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