[Solved] A weird wireless problem with an android phone

Hello, this might not be related to openwrt, but i've been trying to fix this for some time and i don't know what else to do.
So i have a TL-WDR 4300 router, running the latest version of OpenWRT (but the problem was there also with LEDE 17.01), the router is connect using etherenet cable to a old 3com gigabit swticth, and on that switch are connected 2 other access point (one is TP-LINK EAP-115 and one is an old chinese one)
So the problem is, with every phone i tested (Samsung Note 8, Note 9, Asus Zenfone 3, zenfone 4 and some others) everything si working fine on when connected to any wireless network,
but my wife phone (a Lenovo Moto G6 plus) doesn't.
When she's connected to the wifi of the router everything works smoothly, but when she's connected on any of the other 2 access points wifi networks it doesn't work, or better it works but with strange behaviour : some sites stops working, some do only work when using private browsing, and some works normally.
Please notice that she had no issues before updating to Android PIE, but i don't think PIE itself is the culprit because i'm also running it on my note 8 where it's working perfectly.
I've been trying to reset the phone and everything i could think of but the problem persists, I already asked the Lenovo forum, but no one seems to be having my problems, so while i don't think it to be related to openwrt, i really don't know anywhere else to ask.

Check this out

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Hello fantom-x, this actually solved it thank you very much,

@DarthZorG, welcome to the community!

If you get an opportunity, would you be willing to tell the community how you solved it?

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