[solved]802.1X multi ap roaming problem

hi there
i have problem with 802.1X , i have multi openwrt access point all it work with wpa2-enterprise and freeradius server with mysql in other side , in freeradius i enable Simultaneous-Use my problem is when my users move from first ap to second or to third ap its disconnect and reconnect and in some time its take over 10-30 second to reconnect successful . i set ideal time-out 1s and life-time 1s . its reconnect faster than first one , but its stay disconnect when they move any one have some idea .

Note: when i disable Simultaneous-Use its work fine and client stay connect but when i enable it i see this problem i search about any idea how solve it but i didnt fined any things help

i solve this problem as shown :
1- my access point work as dump access point just bridge .
2- dhcp server as gateway for clients
3- in freeradius some config

A-  edit raddb/mods-available/sql  and change some value 
uses = 1 ,  lifetime = 1 idle_timeout = 1 
B- edit /raddb/sites-available/default and change some value 
lifetime = 1 idle_timeout = 1

this solve 70-80 from my problem with roaming
Note: the freeradius works on centos 7 machine .

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