[SOLVED] 3ginfo 3g / 4g status monitor

I have a TP-Link archer MR200 which I have just upgraded to OpenWrt 18.06.4 and was wanting to monitor the status of my 4g signal. I used to use 3ginfo but I downloaded it and installed it manually before from a link that no longer exists on the http://eko.one.pl/?p=openwrt-3ginfo website.
3ginfo does not seem to be in the opg packages for OpenWrt 18.06.4 so, does anyone here know how I can install it?

Bad thesis. 3ginfo is still in my repo, download and install it manually: https://dl.eko.one.pl/openwrt-19.07/packages/mips_24kc/base/

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Thanks for the link cezary
I have installed using the following commands

opkg install comgt
opkg install http://dl.eko.one.pl/openwrt-19.07/packages/mips_24kc/base/3ginfo-text_20190418_all.ipk
opkg install http://dl.eko.one.pl/openwrt-19.07/packages/mips_24kc/base/3ginfo_20190418_all.ipk
uci set 3ginfo.@3ginfo[0].device=/dev/ttyUSB1
uci commit 3ginfo
uci set 3ginfo.@3ginfo[0].language=en
/etc/init.d/3ginfo restart

However I get

File missing: /usr/share/3ginfo/msg.dat.e

What am I missing?

Probably you set uci set 3ginfo.@3ginfo[0].language=e (without n)

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Bad copy paste from original instructions.
Thanks, working now

Spoke too soon, it's not returning any signal strength data

Status: Connected
Connection time: 0d, 04:00:48
Received / Transmitted data: 228.9 MiB / 42.1 MiB
Operator: ---
Operating mode: -
Signal strength: 0%
Device: -
MCC MNC: - -
LAC: - (-)
CID: - (-)
TAC: - (-)
CSQ: -
RSSI: - dBm
RSCP: - dBm
Ec/IO: - dB
RSRP: - dBm
SINR: - dB
RSRQ: - dB

Wrong device option?

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uci set 3ginfo.@3ginfo[0].device=/dev/ttyUSB0
/etc/init.d/3ginfo restart

did the trick I was sure that s used to be ttyUSB1 Maybe I just got that wrong.

Thanks for your prompt help cezary