[Solved] 19.07.4 regression in /lib/functions/network.sh

I installed 19.07.4 and I noticed that one of my hotplug scripts changed behaviour. The function network_find_wan of /lib/functions/network.sh returns blank instead of the name of the wan interface.

when referencing third party interaction, it is prudent to provide the relevant 3rd party code to validate causation.


The file /lib/functions/network.sh has not been changed since September 2019. Same code in .4 as there was with .3

The change is somewhere else.


It is working now. Earlier my debugging showed a blank result, now it is correct. My debugging may have been incorrect, I changed it a few times as I looked into this.
Apologies for the noise.

Make sure to call network_flush_cache beforehand to avoid incorrect results:

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