[Solved] 17.01.5 or 17.01.6 on the agenda?

Hello Everyone,

I saw a log from 17.01.5 here:


However, nowhere is the download available yet and it's also not announced as stable release.
Also it doesn't contain kernel 4.4.110 which contains the fixes for the metldown issues (although armv7 etc might not be affected too much by it).
Also, what is the current plan? Is there a change scheduled to have kernel 4.4.111 or something or leave that be now since you're working on a new release from openwrt/lede combined?

Will you continue to support the WRT 3200ACM?
Forgive my many trivial questions, just hoped to get some info.


v17.01.5 hasn't been tagged yet, what you see there is just based on the current head of the lede-17.01 branch, of what might/ will become 17.01.5 in the future - volatile and awaiting further changes, until it actually gets tagged.
It's semi automatically created/ updated based on keywords (Fixes: FS#…) in the commit messages of the commits backported to the lede-17.01 branch post the last tag (v17.01.4). LEDE has put massive efforts into automating the release process to quite some extent, that also means you can sometimes see the intermediate state between releases, even before it's actually released - like you can watch https://git.lede-project.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/lede-17.01 yourself. An actual release can only happen after it has been tagged.


Not that I want to bother,
but the changelog is so long already :slight_smile:

What is the consideration behind releasing 17.01.5? Also, the first 17.01.X were released quite quickly after each other, looking at the 17.01.5 it also looks liket I might not be a bad idea already :slight_smile:

How about that?


I started building myself. Running it now. Webinterface isn't working but the rest is, really happy about the current build