[SOLEVED] Ping problem - attached netgear switch

Hi All,
I have a netgear switch connected to my LEDE router, i have set its ip to when connected to the router i cannot seem to ping anything connected to the netgear switch, yet i can access internet on the devices connected to the netgear switch.

also i can ping the netgear switch itself on
i have used the diagnostics tool within the router to ping other items on the netgear switch and still cannot.

any ideas please?
thank you

Post your network config...

cat /etc/config/network

Are you sure it is a "switch" and not something more complex?

Hi jwoods and eduperez
I have solved the issue, I feel a little embarrassed in admitting it but hey I did say from the start i am new to all this.

Basically having 2 vlans, 2 ports assigned to each vlan and the 4 ssid's (2ghz+5ghz) 2 assigned to each vlan things got rather complex and confusing.

After a good night sleep i tried again trying to untangle everything in my head and I realised the following:
i wont be able to ping across subnets as this is default behaviour.
I couldn't ping 1 particular machine and this was simply because of the windows firewall :frowning_face:
once i sorted that out in my head i had it all working in no time.

I am ever so please with myself that from not having messed with this stuff before I have managed to achieve what i set out to do.

1 router running lede, split into 2 vlans with ssids for each vlan, 1 vlan for vpn and other for non vpn - ads blocked on both vlans. ruckus AP other side of the house, again replicating the 4 ssids, so when i am at the far side of the house any device just hops on to the AP seamlessly. coverage all over the house, no ads on any device, perfect! (the AP is connected via a netgear smart switch where the uplink and the AP ports are trunks for access to both vlans, and the other ports just access the non vpn vlan).

just want to thank all on this forum who helped me get there. I very much appreciate it. and if ever I can help anyone I will most certainly oblige. just remember I still am no expert at this, but have learnt a lot.