Soldered bigger flash rom

Hello , i am using tp link archer c 20 v4 which have 8MB of flash rom , so i brought a 16MB rom and copied the the old flash rom with a spi flash device to my 16MB flash chip. Openwrt works well but still it show 8MB !! Help , what can i do to make it 16 MB

You need to compile your own firmware, changing the partition layout in the .dts to support your ugpraded flash.

I am not a programmer, sadly don’t know how to do that , a tutorial may be helpful !! Thanks


starting point:

you need first to save last two MTD partition to your PC
it is "config" and "factory"

then you need to modify DTSI
compile new image with new partition layout

  • expand "firmware"
  • move "down" last two partition to end of flash

flash image to device (pray it will boot)
and restore saved "config" and "factory"

roughly these are required steps
but, it may not boot at all because u-boot expect "config" and "factory" at old offset ...


similar thread from the other day


If anyone have time , please make a flash rom for 16MB tp link archer c20 v4 it will be helpful thanks in advance

you mean someone should create images for you, for your router ?
really think it's realistic ?

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Sorry, but you are the one who replaced the flash, you should be the one to fix it. Plus, only you will benefit, this is nothing to contribute back, replacing the flash is not a standard procedure.


you have (almost) all information what you need

it is a fun to calc some hex numbers and try (and fail) many times :slight_smile: and debug, and ... so please try it your self

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You will require modified firmware images for all future updates as well, so you need to get familiar with the process yourself.


But i think a video tutorial should be available,, though increasing flash size is not standard but many openwrt users are doing that,, so i think a a step by step video should be done..

Start with this

get yoursefl a Linux

get sources

then build your image

Please go ahead and create one once you've figured out how it works.

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