Software Offloading or SQM with slow internet connection


I am using a Netgear R7800 on a 50Mbit and another R7800 on 100Mbit connection both with 19.7.6. From my point of view software offloading is not necessary with that speed but I like to discuss what is better there perhaps to improve latency, energy consumption or something else. Using SQM or flow offloading?

As the link is not the fastest I think SQM would be better to handle the packets on high load better.


sqm has just as much to do with link latency/overheads etc. as it does link speed...

2c... tweak your governor ramp-up/down values and possibly get rid of the lowest freq@ondemand... and yes... run sqm... but 'sqm' = knowing the link properties and adjusting accordingly...

i've never really bothered with any offloading... but if your link get's up over ~370 or your jamming hella connections down it then it's worth toggling on and off to see any gains...

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I agree with @anon50098793 most likely SQM will help more than offloads. That said, for your router the offload engine seems to allow to use fq_codel, so even with offloads reasonable latency under load might be an option.

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