Software for comtrend AR5310 globalnet tunisia

hi admin
I am looking for firmware that unblocks my router comtrend ar 5310 which appertient to my FSI globlnet tunisia2psqc5z

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Doesn't seem to be supported[Brand*~]=comtrend

thank you for your answer can you develop it here is the software

same question I hope to find firmware for my router comtrend ar 5310 I load everywhere and thank you![Capture|390x133]


It's very uncommon to find custom firmware for ADSL routers. I suggest you look into your manual to see if you can set it in bridge mode, and you get yourself a router from this list to flash with OpenWrt.

Hello everyone I ask again the software of comtrend ar5310 unlocked because I do not find in the farums this catogery of modem help me please

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@faroukn91, you can use "openwrt-19.07.4-brcm63xx-generic-AR5315u-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" (4MB). It worked for me on my comtrend AR5310 (Globalnet).

I don't have this device, but if it can take the AR5315u Firmware, why not take the 23.05 version of that Firmware?