Software and hardware flow offloading

Hi all. I have been using openwrt for a few weeks on a TP-Link Archer C6U.
I recently learned about flow offloading in the firewall configuration and I decided to reach out to the community in the forum hoping someone could explain in very simple terms what this function is. I am currently struggling to understand how flow offloading works and whether I should enable it or not in my device.

In particular, I also have a few specific questions related to this topic:

  1. Does software flow offloading require the use of proprietary drivers/firmware?
  2. Does offloading in general make a firewall less safe (I am thinking on the line of packets being able to bypass rules and/or possible security flaws in the implementation being that this is still considered experimental)?
  3. Does hardware flow offloading require proprietary firmware?

I apologize if the topic seems trivial. I have very little experience with networking in general and my goal is to learn more by becoming familiar with openwrt.

Can you check if USB tethering works in C6U? I'm thinking of purchasing this.

Sorry, I cannot help with USB tethering, I don't own a smartphone.


Wow. Thanks for that. Was feeling lonely as the last man standing.

seems no one had actually answered your questions.

  1. it is an optionally used Linux kernel feature Link, Link
  2. firewall is the same
  3. it just needs supported hardware. Mediatek 7621 or higher currently being supported by OpenWRT

Great to hear there is someone else out there!

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