SoftetherVPN client on LEDE 17.01.4 - Mi Wifi Nano

Hi everyone. I managed to get the Softether vpnclient to work on my xiaomi Wifi Nano using the latest 17.01.4 image. However, I would like some help on what is the best approach to introduce a fine tuning control on my setup. The main issue I got is with DHCP and default gateway. When I try to get a DHCP IP from my Softether server (hosted via VPS), udhcpc would get the address and also automatically replace the default route gateway with the vpn server subnet and this will disconnect me from the internet. I figured a workaround by assigning a static IP for my vpn interface and manually set default route using ip route commands. I also added the same commands in /etc/init.d/ folder inside the softethervpnclient init file.

It works fine but I feel that I am doing something wrong. I do apologise as I am only doing this out of curiosity. Coding is my favourite hobby. Thanks in advance if you can provide any inputs!

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hey szxa21 im also interested in softether on openwrt/lede,
im no luck how to make it work. i try to use udhcpc -i vpn_vpn
it always disconnect when i type that command.
could you show me how did you route?

You just need to add your VPS IP using ip route and also delete/add your VPN subnet as the default gateway after getting a dhcp IP on your virtual vpn interface.

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i get it..
now im connected. thanks a lot.

sir can you help me make it work with my Linksys ea4500? thanks alot

Have a look here:

As it says in the beginning, the full Softether package is fully intergrated in the OpenWRT packages.

What issue are you getting on your Linksys ea4500? What LEDE firmware do you have on it?

Hey. I've been on that link several times. I am trying to get my router to be a vpn client not a server. As I already have a server up and running, I'm looking for proper configuration but it appears tha the internet does not have resources pointing referece to softether.

I used the latest firmware. But i dont know how to install and run SE client. Guide me please sir

Okay. SSh onto your router and do a opkg update after that install the client opkg install softethervpn. However, please be wary that the softether client needs to be compiled and be compatible with your router firmware. You need to verify this first before you can install it properly on your LEDE installation.

thanksuuu master

Hi @szxa21, could you please elaborate more on how did you manage to use the vpn connection?

So far I have installed softethervpn and managed to make it connected to my VPS.

VPN Client>AccountList
AccountList command - Get List of VPN Connection Settings
Item                        |Value
VPN Connection Setting Name |test
Status                      |Connected
VPN Server Hostname         | (Direct TCP/IP Connection)
Virtual Hub                 |VPN
Virtual Network Adapter Name|vpn
The command completed successfully.

Past that point, I don't understand how to tell openwrt to use all outgoing connection to use that Virtual Network Adapter thingy.. can you guide me through this? What command do I need to type?

You will need to create a firewall route and point the default GW to your softether subnet.

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