Softethervpn-5.01.9672 has a new Admin webconsole/JSON-RPC api

Just a quick notice, the latest 5.01.9672 release has a new experimental admin webinterface.
You can reach it via this link

https://(router name/ip):(vpn socket)/admin/

Than you get a certification warning, since they use a self signed one, ignore/skip this.
You than use the login 'Administrator' + your admin password.

The interface is very early and rough, but should improve over time and be a alternative to the external admin utility.
Just wanted to draw awareness to this and maybe someone might contribute.

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That is excellent news! The cli conf is a pain...

Is port 5555 arbitrary or can it be changed somewhere in the config?

Noticed that the conf files are placed in the /usr/libexec/softethervpn/ path. Would it not be better in the standard /etc/ or /etc//softethervpn/ path?

Sure can be changed.

That's the path softether uses by default, i did read on the libexec but ultimately it doesn't matter, since i have not added any UCI config/setup.
Atm you need to manually create the tun interface and add it to the lan bridge, than setup a admin account via there vpncmd. At this point you can use there external admin tool for your platform and connect administer all settings. Hopefully most basic settings will be added to the web-interface.

I would like a real luci-app, to get the basic setup going and have a default VPN setup template, so it becomes a one-click thing, yet this is rather complicated and time-consuming. I also lean towards wireguard these days, which has a UCI config.

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