Softether v5 package installation

Hi, I'm having a problem installing the softethervpn5-libs package on my Xiaomi 4A Gigabit router.
I'm using the latest openwrt firmware version 22.03.4 and it gives this error: "unable to execute opkg install command: syntaxerror: JSON parse error: unexpected eof". Due to this error, I also can't install the luci-app-softether package. Please help me resolve this issue

Out of flash space ?
Or have you perhaps updated any packages ?

No, I have 8 MiB of storage and 60 MiB of memory

Yes, 2 packages had updates and I installed them

Then you're almost out of flash space, your device will be EOLed after next release.

Are you sure the package(s) you're installing will fit?

Regarding updating packages:

The router only has 8.4 MiB storage overall, and all packages regarding softether vpn are only 4.5 MiB. I previously filled the storage untill I had only 1 MiB left and didn't have any problems. So I don't think that I have storage problems

Then you should consider removing the updated packages.

You could also try installing the packages you need via cli.

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I don't know how to degrade package versions, so I did a full reset of the router. Is there anyway to degrade versions of installed packages without having to reset?
Edit: Resetting didn't solve the problem and I'm still getting the same error. Do I have to install a specific json package to be able to install softethervpn5 ?

OK, I solved the problem by simply installing the package using CLI.
This is really silly but it worked!

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