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I’m working on getting my openwrt to where I would like them. This obviously has a lot of trial and error, which requires me to do a lot of soft resets. This is aggravating because by default the router has no wifi, and I’m forced to get up and plug my laptop in via Ethernet.

Is there a way I can configure the router to have a new ‘soft reset’ standard? So that whenever I reset the device, the wifi Ian already ready to go?

First boot / scripts / config files / best solution to have a configuration at first boot - #2 by vgaetera

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I’m not really that good with the console.

I use it all the time on my Linux systems, but I’m not entirely comfortable doing it with the router.

According the page you referenced above,
I can make a script in /etc/uci-defaults, and it will run when ever there is a soft-restart?

Is there a way I can ‘make a snapshot’ of the setting it has now, and have the script apply them?

No, this works only with custom images.
ImageBuilder is probably the simplest way to create one.

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What exactly does Imagebuilder do?

Is it a utility to make a .bin file?

If so, can I just flash my router with it when I need to?

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