Soft-bricked Cudy WR2100; issues getting TFTP recovery working

Good morning all,

I've unfortunately managed to soft brick my new WR2100 by flashing the Cudy provided OpenWrt image with sysupgrade from the CLI. I'm trying to restore the vendor firmware using TFTP, but the router doesn't seem to be trying to download it from the TFTP server... or at least, not trying correctly.

When I hold down the reset button, with the TFTP server running and my desktop's firewall disabled, I get this:

This continues indefinitely, with all the green LEDs on the back of the router lit up, and both the red and blue LEDs on the top lit continuously (not blinking). No downloading ever happens.

Anyone know what is going on here and how (if at all) I can work around it?

Connect directly your computer to the lan port with IP

Files are:
run tftp32 ( recover.bin file in the tftp32 folder )

If you have a problem connect a serial port

key = 2 for start tftp usage
tag name of file


Connect directly your computer to the lan port with IP

Files are:
run tftp32 ( recover.bin file in the tftp32 folder )

Thanks, but that's exactly what I did to get the results I posted. I followed the instructions to the letter.

If you have a problem connect a serial port

Cool, next stop is buying a serial adapter I guess. Thanks. If y'all have any other ideas please let me know though.

Edit: wait, is it possible that a specific LAN port has to be used? e.g. only the first one? (No. The answer is no.)

Edit 2: this router doesn't appear to have serial ports, am I missing something? Does one of the ethernet ports also work as an RJ45 serial?

For the tftp on, do not see the transmission of the file

copy folder : c:\tftp32
Run in cmd " administrator" after tftp32


How to brick it ?

For the serial port i do not know your router but mine "CUDY X6" have a serial port to be wired in the box


I'm on Linux, running the client in Wine (yes as root, yes I know that's bad, sadly Fedora lacks a good tftp server). I set the server interface to ::1 or aren't available. Running from the folder containing the firmware; I made extra sure it was correct.

How it was bricked? As I said, I ran the OpenWrt sysupgrade CLI tool with the copy of OpenWrt that Cudy hosts on their site, rather than one of the sysupgrade images. The router immediately rebooted, and stayed unusable for a long time. I finally pulled the plug after about 20 minutes (far longer than flashing took in LuCi), and when I reconnected it, it was bricked - can't even be pinged, though as you can see from the TFTP server screenshot, its TFTP client still runs.

Re serial port: gotcha. I ordered a used replacement (same model), and I'm going to order a serial adapter; when the replacement arrives I'll open up the current one and see what is to be seen.

TFTP transfert problem....Test with a Windows computer ...

@F5BJR I don't have any, but I can set up a Windows VM and forward port 69... I'll get back to you on the results.

Install linux tftp server & test with

Installing and Configuring TFTP Server on Ubuntu - Linux Hint

@F5BJR that tftp server isn't available for Fedora - it just has in.tftp. I'll give that another try too though.

Got it working with the in.tftp systemd service, thanks so much for the help!

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