So many package dependency failed?

such as:

Details for package wg-installer-client

Version: 2
Size: ~2.1 KB installed
    curl (55.2 KB) Not installed
        libcurl4 (144.9 KB) Not installed
            libwolfssl4.7.0.66253b90 Installed
            libnghttp2-14 (57.1 KB) Not installed
            ca-bundle Installed
    wireguard-tools (26.4 KB) Not installed
        kmod-wireguard Not available

More info would be helpful. What version of OpenWrt are you running? Is it a standard official image or did you make a custom image or self compile?

Can you give the complete command line output?

Sounds like the dependency parsing error in 21.02.0.

Please first update "cgi-io" package, and then check again.