SNMPD not responding on MR42

Hi, one of my MR42 units with OWRT has SNMPD installed, but it's not responding to any requests. I'm unsure how to troubleshoot this.

Firmware Version: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r16728-7e2f9f1aef / LuCI Master git-21.124.24916-0faf9a4
Kernel Version: 5.4.117

Here is my snmpd.conf; I checked at it's on the list of starting with startup.

root@MR42SS01:/etc/snmp# cat snmpd.conf
agentaddress UDP:161,UDP6:161
master agentx
agentXSocket /var/run/agentx.sock
sysLocation office
sysName Baba owrt24RM
com2sec ro default public
com2sec rw localhost private
com2sec6 ro default public
com2sec6 rw localhost private
group public v1 ro
group public v2c ro
group public usm ro
group private v1 rw
group private v2c rw
group private usm rw
view all included .1
access public "" any noauth exact all none none
access private "" any noauth exact all all all
exec  filedescriptors /bin/cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
engineIDType 3
engineIDNic eth0

Also seeing this in the log file:

Tue Mar 14 15:30:03 2023 procd: Instance snmpd::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

Would someone please assist in troubleshooting this.


I would avoid using 2 words in sysName.

Well I removed SNMPD then tried to install it, hosed the unit and had to install a snapshot to get LUCI and everything working... which is "sort of" working.

OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r22273-bf261073dc / LuCI Master git-23.069.52569-24d7da2

Is it recommended to keep snapshots updated??

I'm now seeing that the uptime keeps getting reset but can't find any restart or reboot messages in the log (not sure how this would look). Anyone know what I should be looking for??


@sumo the initial (MR42) thread where you provided a build for the MR42 firmware was perhaps the best working one (for me) not sure the current snapshots are working as I expect. Any recommendation from your side on what I should put on the MR42s that is super stable?


What about the official file you're actually supposed to edit/use:


Does it work if you only edit that file?

Only if you do so by flashing an updated SNAPSHOT in-whole.

did you try to SSH on router and issue

or in Luci, on opening page, there is something similar to this

Uptime	3d 0h 31m 31s