SNMPD not responding from time to time?


Since I've upgraded all my routers/APs to 19.07, I've noticed that in some of the, for example an Archer C7 v4, using SNMP to display the interfaces data with Cacti, it stops from time to time.

Some times is only one interface not getting data, some other times everything fails, or only the interfaces and mounted partition fail but the processor information still works.

Note that I'm reading with Cacti:
1- SNMP - Get Mounted Partitions
2- SNMP - Get Processor Information
3- SNMP - Interface Statistics

Any hints or someone having similar troubles?

What does Cacti's log say about the SNMP request to the host?

I forgot to mention that: Nothing in the log

No errors, no warnings.

This is very strange. I was not able to solve it, so I give up. But after a couple of weeks when the stats where showing up correctly from time to time, since the last week they are stable and showing perfectly.

Nothing changed, so just it started working with no apparent reason ...

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