Snmpd memory leak on 23.05.0

After upgrading to 23.05.0, snmpd package may have leak.

CPU:  15% usr  11% sys   0% nic  71% idle   0% io   0% irq   2% sirq
Load average: 0.06 0.02 0.00 3/91 27022
16083     1 root     R     147m  60%  27% /usr/sbin/snmpd -Lf /dev/null -f -r
27022 26960 root     R     1392   1%   2% top

I'd recommend running 22.03.5 or 23.05.0. Then evaluate from there.

Sorry, it was miss type.
snmpd of 23.05.0 may have leak.

@Kraksna83 had the same issue a few days ago.
Don't get misleaded by the topic: Vxlan related memory leak? - #5 by Kraksna83

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I'm also seeing memory leak >= 23846 (not exact but shortly after this it started in the snapshot builds). I am on Xiaomi ax3600. I still need to check if snmpd is involved, i use this package as well.

On 23845, snmpd 5.9.1-5 has NO leak.

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I believe I am too. I'm monitoring it at this time.

Andrew said this will fix at snmpd 5.9.1-7.

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Yeah, the already merged fix for main/master is actually in

And that has been backported to 23.05 a few days ago with

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I'm currently testing recent snapshot of today on Xiaomi AX3600. - r24198

After 4 hours, memory is getting low but everything is still working fine.

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