Snmpd issue - it stops responding

I'm running OpenWrt 19.07.4 r11208-ce6496d796 on a tp-link Archer C7.
Sometimes snmpd stops responding to a remote snmp server:
Does anyone have this issue and know what's going on?
I've seen the logs and couldn't find anything that could give a clue.
I've checked htop and it shows snmpd daemon running.
Also, snmpd is listening on port 161:

If I restart snmpd everything gets to normal, but I would like to understand the cause and eventually fix it.
snmpd config file:

agentaddress UDP:161,UDP6:161
master agentx
agentXSocket /var/run/agentx.sock
sysLocation office
sysName HeartOfGold
com2sec ro default public
com2sec rw localhost private
com2sec6 ro default public
com2sec6 rw localhost private
group public v1 ro
group public v2c ro
group public usm ro
group private v1 rw
group private v2c rw
group private usm rw
view all included .1 
access public "" any noauth exact all none none
access private "" any noauth exact all all all
exec  filedescriptors /bin/cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
exec conntrack-count /etc/snmp/conntrack-count 
exec conntrack-tcp /etc/snmp/tcp-ctrk-states 
exec conntrack-udp /etc/snmp/udp-ctrk-states 
engineIDType 3
engineIDNic eth0

EDIT: On the remote server side, where I use Cacti to poll the OpenWrt device, it shows as Down. The method Cacti is using to show the device status is SNMP Uptime.

You could try running strace on the process to see what it is doing.

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Thanks! I'll try that when it happens again.
Yesterday, while investigating, I ended up restarting snmpd, so, for now, I wouldn't know how to put it in that unresponsive state.