SNMP linkup/down traps not working


I am trying to enable LinkupDownTraps and get the following error while starting snmpd:

root@OpenWrt:~# snmpd -DALL -Lo -c /etc/config/snmpd.conf &
root@OpenWrt:~# buffer too small to read octet string (11 < 11)
Turning on AgentX master support.
/etc/config/snmpd.conf: line 21: Warning: Unknown token: iquerySecName.
/etc/config/snmpd.conf: line 23: Warning: Unknown token: linkUpDownNotifications.
NET-SNMP version 5.8

It would be very helpful if anyone can help with this or has any workaround or patch.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Nisha,

I am also not able to enable LinkupDownTraps to work. Were you able to find out?