SNMP example for R7800

I'm trying to configure SNMPv3 on the R7800. Ideally I'd like to pick up processor stats, ntp, disk space, and network traffic for use by Icinga2. Does anyone have a good script for inspiration?

  • Did you install snmpd?
  • Did you look at the file /etc/config/snmpd ?

NTP from SNMP?

Yes, installed snmpd, and looked at the snmpd file, but was just looking for a bit of inspiration. I mentioned ntp, as it would be good to try and check that everything was sync'ed up properly.


  • so are you saying that snmpd isn't running; or
  • do you still need to setup a device to pull the data? (I recommend Cacti)
  • you need inspiration regarding what, exactly?

I'm not sure how NTP is related to checking the SNMP. Just enable the NTP server and try to sync time.