Snapshots to stable estimates or place to track and other questions


I recently got an TP-Link Archer C6 V2 (US) and as of now there is only a snapshot build available for it. I have been looking for tracking the progress on when there will be a stable build because the wifi (AC) is kinda whack sometimes. But most of the git commits are closed and forum posts auto locked. Anyway, is there a place where I can monitor whats going on regarding this router and maybe help in case they need something to test?

Also, whats the usual timeframe for a model with a snapshot to go into stable? The EU versions of this router are already on stable and as far as I have seen, this router only has some minor changes. Will it ever get into stable?

I am using it as separate router for all the "smart" devices and other stuff like phones etc as I would like to have more control on what they access. The problem I have is the modem I got with my ISP (Nokia G-140W-F) has no bridgemode capability to set the OWRT router as my main. So I did this so that every device in my home except for my PC is controlled by the OWRT router.

I wasn't sure if setting up the OWRT router in bridge more will allow me to have network controlling features like dns blocking etc. As such, I have setup my network into 2 sub networks. I have my PC and OWRT connected via LAN to the Modem and my PC and OWRT have static ips in the subnet. OWRT is 1.100 PC is 1.2 || OWRT has its own contained network on which I can heavily control with it. (XBOX, TV via LAN, Phones and others via Wifi)

So here are some questions regarding this

  1. Is there a better option / structure than this?
  2. Is there a way I can have 2 way communication between the 10.x subnet to the 192.x subnet? (Like I can connect from my phone to my PC but not vice versa) all 192s can connect to all 10s now but not the other way, can I do something to make this possible?

There is no clear-cut timing for stable builds (as you call it). Every major version like 18.06 and 19.07 etc take around more than a year to develop. But this is just how things are actually happening here.

If you want to help then use snapshot versions and test them as you use your router and report any issues you find. For more information head to OpenWrt.

I think this will be the next major update in most cases but if the changes are minimal then maybe the device gets ported during the service releases but it's just my guess.

If it is available in snapshots, it is most likely to get to stable.

Yes it will provide you with more control over network features.

For your current situation I think there may not be a better option but maybe someone else can provide more info on this.

I think it maybe possible but your ISP router may not allow this unless all of your devices stay under the same subnet 10.X.

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