Snapshots: Missing samba36 package

Using LEDE SNAPSHOT r5200-22b5e28 (just a few days old), I somehow do not have the samba package available any more.

I had used samba on LEDE before (and also added some parts to the documentation, so I thought I knew my way around)

  • "okpg update" won't help
  • "echo option force_space >> /etc/opkg.conf;okpg update" won't help

Both samba36-client and samba36-server are not available, when listing "samba" packages. It will only list the luci-GUI parts. When trying to install "luci-app-samba", it complains about missing dependencies: Unknown package 'samba36-server'."
opkg list | grep samba
luci-app-samba - git-17.302.29094-87ec343-1 - Network Shares - Samba SMB/CIFS module
luci-i18n-samba-ca - git-17.302.29094-87ec343-1 - Translation for luci-app-samba - Català (Catalan)
luci-i18n-samba-zh-tw - git-17.302.29094-87ec343-1 - Translation for luci-app-samba - 臺灣華語 (Taiwanese)

Any idea whats going on?

What happens when you use LEDE 14.01.4 STABLE?

and stable works as expected.... :flushed:
WiFi for 860L was better on Snapshot, but I think a found a reason to head back to stable

Samba36 is in base.

Correct, it isn't available in snapshot. That's why stable had to be installed.

Yes, it's an option is to download the ipk directly; but that information is noted in warnings regarding SNAPSHOT builds. Therefore, I simply recommended STABLE - since those instructions about IKPs already exist.

In general, samba is included in snapshots. There was or is probably some problem building the package for your architecture, but without knowing your architecture it is difficult to say.
You can look up the faillogs here:

This is my architecture:

Thats only target, platform and device, not architecture. But I currently do not know how to look up the architecture.

We have a ToH view for that:[Model*~]=860l

@lleachii Then this should be the samba package: ?

Per the ToH page:

It says:

Package architecture: mipsel_24kc

You posted a link for the snapshot...but you noted that it didn't work...

The stable link is:

@lleachii You said that samba server is not available in snapshot. I only pointed out that it is available. I never said that the snapshot version doesnt work, in fact no one did.

I must have misunderstood the OP then. The package not being there would definitely make it not work. I also think it was noted that it may have still been compiling by the build-bot/or build error.


I'll postpone further snapshot attempts for a few weeks.
But already learned some new insights.

(and I think I might need a second device for such attempts, should not play with my productive router all the time :grin:)