Snapshots for ar71xx are not generated

Hi, do you know why snapshots for ar71xx are not generated? The last date is Jun 17, othes seem to build on daily basis ....


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The ar71xx target has been changed to "Source only" recently with;a=commit;h=016d1eb1f9c14c50dbd0b5461fc22c1f4ef6e30a

If your device has already been ported to ath79, then use ath79 instead of ar71xx.

Check here if your device has been ported or not:


And if it is not on he list (gl-ar750), does it mean that the support for it is dropped?

If nobody ports it, yes.

The GL-AR750 has a PR on Patchwork from GL.iNet from this week.

I’ve got NAND support for the GL-AR300M and GL-AR750S done, waiting on the Paragon driver submission to Linux MTD to be reviewed before I submit.


Thank you, I didnt know that. Unfortunately I need mikrotik support and that is not yet in the table.
So I will have to wait or build ar71xx target myself.

BTW, sorry I haven't had time to do any significant review of your stuff for those lately. I'll hopefully have some time to test both next week.

I really need to subscribe to the mailing list so I can reply to some of the traffic there (I admit, I'm more of a github type...)

On my list of TODO items is migrating the GL-USB150 over... later this summer hopefully? the ar71xx MikroTiks aren't gonna be supported???

Until someone ports them to ath79, they are not going to be updated or have snapshots built.

Edit: None of this should be new to anyone, even those not following the mailing lists. There was a "reprieve granted" over immediate removal of the ar71xx source entirely from master. See also, for example

The three things that I am aware of that have held back certain boards from ath79 ports include:

  • SPI-NAND -- required Linux 4.19 upstream framework
  • "Raw" NAND drivers
  • SoC-specific NAND drivers
  • Mikrotik-specific functionality

The first one I understand intimately. The challenges of the other I haven't looked into (as I don't have those devices in hand).


Hummm...I do recall that...

Was there ever support in openwrt mainline for spinand on ar71xx? I didn't think that was the case, I think all of the spinand devices didn't support that in the old ar71xx tree for the same reasons ath79 couldn't support it prior to moving to kernel 4.19

(I'm speaking, of course, in the context of mainline openwrt support, not separate vendor forks such as GL.iNet's which have supported spinand on ar71xx for a while, but in ways considered unacceptable for merging into OpenWRT mainline)

GL-USB150 appears to solely have been held back by lack of any effort on it. I'm hoping to maybe take a crack at this sometime in July. The recent patches submitted for GL-AR750 (not 750S) should be a good starting point for me here.

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You’re correct. SPI-NAND for ath79 done on my local tree, just working through a config-restore issue and waiting for the Paragon driver to get pushed to Linux-next (GigaDevice already approved) now cleaning up the tree and double checking things prior to PR.


3552691616c9 mtd: spinand: Add initial support for Paragon PN26G0xA
049df13c4e63 mtd: spinand: Add support for GigaDevice GD5F1GQ4UFxxG
53dd94a79d3b mtd: spinand: Add support for two-byte device IDs
d014717d50b1 mtd: spinand: Define macros for page-read ops with three-byte addresses
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