Snapshot to stable question

I'm currently using a Banana PI R3 on openwrt SNAPSHOT, r23303-d69becd307.
I installed it on its internal NAND & eMMC and it runs on eMMC.

What i'd like to do is to ugrapde to the stable version 23.05. Do I have to redo the entire installation process (install on NAND, then on eMMC, install packages, and reapply my config) or is their another more simpliest way to do that ?

Thanks for your help.

Unless there are changes from that snapshot to the stable it should work for you retaining your config files unless you check the box to restore to defaults. Recommend you save a backup tarball whenever updating.


There seems to be an upgrade path on the device page

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@RuralRoots , @darksky , thanks for your answers, I'll try to upgrade without restoring to default config files.

Everything works fine. I upgraded and then readd the missing packages + config (docker and so on)

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