Snapshot status for Edgerouter 4

Since version 21.x has some what unclear release date and I start to want OWRT in my Edgerouter 4.
Is the current snapshot stable so it works?
Is the current snapshot able to survive a manual install of LuCi?
When 21.x is released, is it possible to instal the future official sysupgrade version over the installed snapshot or do I need to make some non standard procedure to continue from snapshot to release version?

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I've been running the EdgeRouter 4 on my own snapshot builds ever since I got it. Works just fine. However, it seems recent OpenWrt snapshots initramfs images lack the built-in USB support which you need to flash the image (see git commit for instructions). A PR is pending to rectify that.

You're welcome to try mine (grab it here) but the device in production so I'm unable to test the current initramfs images. If you do, keep in mind device assigns itself a IP and not OpenWrt default

Yes, you are quite right. I thought that problem was solved? But it seems to be a manageable install solution for the problem.
The latest snapshot version seems to be from 10th of feb.

Also looking forward to have the EdgeRouter 4 promoted to the supported list of devices. The SNAPSHOT version I tried worked well after I found out how to workaround the lack of USB drive support, but I'm still hesitant to use it before it's in the supported device list.

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Snapshot builds means that the device is scheduled for "official" release on the next milestone. Devices aren't backported to previous versions. Snapshots are based on the main branch, which is where the next release will come from. I can't see a reason it wouldn't be able to be upgraded via sysupgrade or luci once 21.x drops, especially since 21.x will just be a freezing of the main branch at the time it's decided good enough to go.