Snapshot MT7620 Netgear EX6130 - no connectivity at all

I've got issues with the Netgear EX6130 build since April 5th. It seems that it gets build successfully, the Image is flashable but after flashing, the device isn't reachable at all (device should have and pc has Power, ROUTER and DEVICE leds are on, but device isn't reachable. The only way back is flashing the netgear factory image via nmrpflash. The build from April 3rd was working fine. So far I've tried the 5th, 6th and 7th but something has changed...

No ping, no ssh, nothing...


I had the same problem.
This is due to a bad commit, you can get more details at
The only solution is to go into failsafe mode, or to try to reach the device thru WiFi.


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Thank a lot, I'll keep an eye on the bugtracker. :+1:

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