Snapshot lede directory lost domoticz installation file

I use some months the domoticz precompiled lede version @

For now the package is not availible anymore from this directory. Is there anybody who can resolve this so that the precompiled package is availible again?

@stintel and @jongerenchaos
probably because there was an issue with boost which seems to be fixed now but there is no official stable build with this fix.

I tried backporting the upstream fix to the version in the packages feed, but IIRC it does not fix the problem.

I tried the latest version of Domoticz (beta). I remove 903_fhs.patch(lots of corrections needed) ? Why do change the folder structure ? Change the gcc to 7.3 and I was abable to compile but the package was not created. Withh gcc 5.5 there is an issue in "boost" but I didn;t try propose "fix/patch"

I was about to compile latest version and even work. I use gcc 7.3.