Snapshot install (snapshot's changelogs?)

Hi! I can't find snapshot's changelogs, do they exist or it's only kernel's updates?

Changes are in the git commit logs (and more details in commit messages):

main OpenWrt:;a=shortlog
packages feed:;a=shortlog
LuCI feed:;a=shortlog

But there is no beautiful summary of the changes...

Buildbot generates snapshots regularly, automatically, so there is no active decision about changes in each individual snapshot.

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Thanks! For such a insane quick answer!

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is it bot builded? oh, i always thought who is this hero who build all snapshots with recent kernel all day long..


such a quick answers, are you bot too?

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Rest assured, hnyman is no bot.
He is just a very experienced and very helpfull member of the community. :slight_smile:

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