Snapshot for RUT955

Good Day!
Unable to flash snapshot on Teltonika RUT955.
Now it on latest RutOS RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1.
When I try to flash it via firmware update, it says "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format".
Have any suggestion?

Did you try the factory image or the sysupgrade?

Yes. I try

  • teltonika_rut955-h7v3c0-initramfs-kernel.bin
  • teltonika_rut955-h7v3c0-squashfs-factory.bin

but everytime I see "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format"....

First of all you need to know the exact model. Second you need the factory image.

In this topic users @dchard @lairsdragon and others seem to have successfully flashed it so they could provide some help.


Have you tried installing OpenWrt via U-Boot web based recovery?

Good Day!
Today I tried to flash teltonika_rut955-squashfs-factory.bin via U-Boot web based recovery. It flashed successfully, but after reboot teltonika does not response, and I have to flash original rom.

Can anybody help with building rom from new SDK?

What does that mean?
How did you try to connect, via http or via ssh?

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via http. Try via ssh?

snapshots don't have http by default. ssh is the only way in for the first time and then you can add Luci for http management.

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Good Day!
Via SSH I successfully connect to RUT955. Thank you!

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