Snapshot for Linksys EA6350 v4

Anyone tried this?

I have, it worked for me but I had to install the factory then the sysupgrade image right after to keep it from resetting back to the linksys firmware after power cycling. I believe it's caused by the 2 boot partitions, the second install causes openwrt to install the sysupgrade onto the other partition.

I can also confirm that it works fine.


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I had a power outage earlier this week and noticed that overwriting with sysupgrade didn't work. Software reboots worked fine but not cold boot from power.

I just tried the /etc/rc.local method in your other thread and it seems to work. Thanks for following up in this thread.

For those looking, run these commands then add them to the file above exit 0:

/rom/sbin/mtd unlock s_env
/rom/sbin/mtd erase s_env