Snapshot builds for MR8300

The MR8300 documentation states that you need to flash to Linksys' stock firmware from 22.03.3 first and then flash OpenWrt's snapshot factory image from Linksys stock firmware GUI. I found out that I could just flash OpenWrt's snapshot factory image directly from 22.03.3. (Of course, I changed the kernsize to 5K first.) I can also flash OpenWrt's 22.03.3 factory image from the snapshot firmware directly to go back to the official 22.03.3 firmware.

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If you flashed it directly from 22.03.3, you have practically overwritten Linksys OEM on the other partition. So, now both the partitions have OpenWrt for you and no easy way to go back to Linksys if you need it in the future.

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It is assumed that you start from scratch, so from Linksys.

Of course, if you are already on 22.03, you can start from it ! :wink:

I have also tested this in december. Once the kernel is tweaked, you can flash anything : Linksys, 22.03, snapshot.

Did you note down the instructions as it's little different from the instructions on the wds web page? I would like to give it a shot again to see why the throughput was low for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong as the instructions are little different for the snapshot build.

EDIT: Went with the mesh mode (802.11s) and little bit better than the WDS mode but still not living up to the Linksys OEM mesh level. Maybe, I have to fine tune more but followed the instructions here.

If anyone has setup 802.11s and reach the full potential of the link speed, please let me know whether you made any changes that are different that what is listed here.

You can just flash the Linksys stock firmware back if you want to. Same procedure as flashing OpenWrt factory firmware image from 22.03.3. I did it a couple of times.

So, you can just flash FW_MR8300_1.1.10.210186_prod.img from OpenWrt (snapshot) Flash new firmware image section? Is it that easy?

Haven't done from the snapshot although I think it should the same procedure as 22.03.3.

So, you flashed Linksys firmware (FW_MR8300_1.1.10.210186_prod.img) from 22.03.3 and didn't have any problem? I thought it was mentioned in the wiki that you won't be able to go back to Linksys OEM firmware if you update to either snapshot or a stable OpenWrt firmware from the OpenWrt interface.

If what you are saying is true, then going back to stock is easy peasy!

I see that the Linksys firmware ends in .img whereas OpenWrt are all bin. No problems?

That was true until recently. As part of the fix to enable snapshot builds, the option to flash factoty firmware was added to both snapshot and 22.03.3.

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I remember this for discussion when fixing the snapshots in december, but it was on another model. Does someone has actually tested this on the MR8300 ?

I guess you didn't understand what I was saying when you replied to my earlier post.

Sorry. If it's worthy please rephrase so we could clarify.

I have sucessfully achived.

  • flash of a Linksys OEM factory image from a master snapshot. This allow to restore the router to its original state. That hasn't been tested previously for the MR8300. The author of the PR (@guidosarducci ) tested this on other devices.
  • flash from Linksys OEM 1.1.10 to master snapshot. So basicaly any Linksys firmware allows to flash a OpenWrt factory. The router already had the kernel variable set (back in december).

My writing is bad so I have no intention to cause more confusion. Equally worse is my reading comprehension. It took me a while to understand what was saying in the MR8300 documentation:

After reading the v22.03.3 release notes and a couple of related posts, I figured out that there is a better way to do it for people who already have OpenWrt on MR8300.

The doc is written with aim that you install from scratch. Of course if you already have OpenWrt installed, some steps are not required as they have been already performed. Also consider that the description involves instructions for both stable and snapshot. When the next major release (23.xx) will be available, instructions for installation will be more simple.

EDIT : your remark led me to consider rewriting some parts in the doc for better understanding.

I think documentation need a little clarification.

The statement "Download a master snapshot or 23.xx factory image. Flash it from OpenWrt 22.03.3 (or above). It can also be done from Linksys OEM." is confusing in regard to "The MR8300 is a dual partition device. Each time you install/upgrade the system (OEM or OpenWrt), it overwrites the other partition, not the active one."

If the second statement is right for 22.03.3 and up, I think it would worthwhile repeating it: "Download a master snapshot or 23.xx factory image. Flash it from OpenWrt 22.03.3 (or above) but keep in mind this will overwrite the other partition, not the active one. It can also be done from Linksys OEM if present; in this case, the OpenWrt partition will be overwritten."

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Good point, it is rephrased. Thank you.

Thanks. That is what I was at all along. :slight_smile:

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