Snapshot Build With DAWN Question

I've been running OpenWrt for a year now and recently decided to try my hand at building my own snapshots for my GL-B1300 router. Specifically, I wanted to try DAWN band steering. I was able to get DAWN working and so far my 5GHz devices are staying on 5GHz, which is cool.

My question is this. The snapshot defaults to using wpad-basic-wolfssl, which enables WPA3 wireless security. DAWN requires the full wpad installation. Selecting wpad deselects wpad-basic-wolfssl, which disables WPA3 functionality on my builds. If I try to include wpad-basic-wolfssl when wpad is already selected in menuconfig, I get the message 'This feature depends on another which has been configured as a module. As a result, this feature will be built as a module.' and the letter 'M' appears beside the selection. The resulting build does not have WPA3 support.

I'm new to this, so that's where I'm stuck. How can I have a full wpad installation in my build and have WPA3 support as well?

Update -- I created a new snapshot build and selected wpad-wolfssl instead of wpad. DAWN band steering works with that as long as I only use WPA2. WPA3 seems to create problems with DAWN when I choose that option. I've used OpenWrt WPA3 without DAWN with no problems in the past.

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