Snapshot bcm2710 at Mon Apr 15 FREEZE

I use a raspberry pi 3 B+ and the snapshot for bcm2710 is FREEZE

And the others before this one don't work either.

Is freeze when trying to activate IPv6

with no network cable connected says this:

IPv6: ADDRECONF (NETDEV_UP): bar-lan: link is not ready

If I connect a network cable to the raspberry, it says this:

IPv6: ADDRECONF (NETDEV_UP): bar-lan: link becomes ready

But he hangs up, admás my network is in IPv4

I haven't found any version that works on a RaspBerry pi 3 B+.

Not yet achieved??????

What are the prospects for using openwrt on a raspberry pi 3 B+?

Thank you

Which snapshot did you install? There seem to be 18.06.02 release for your device
as per

Having said so, are you aware that the WiFi isn't supported?